How to use a weedeater - Lawn Rite Lawn Mowing

A finishing touch to any lawn mow is weed eating. A weed eater is an effective tool to access areas where your lawn more cannot reach. Fence lines, paths, and tree trunks are just some of the areas that a weed eater can come in handy for. 

A weed eater is a piece of lawn equipment that uses a nylon string spun at high speed and as a result, cuts through the long grass. It is important to make sure the cord is tense for best results. 

When using a weed eater, it is important you follow the correct safety precautions, just as you would when using your mower. Here are some tips to ensure your safety. 

1 – Safety clothing such as closed shoe shoes, thick material pants, gloves and safety glasses will help keep you safe from flying debris 

2 – Check your weed eater has a kill switch. If not make sure you know how to turn it off safely in case the cord gets stuck. 

3 – Make sure any bystanders are far away form the area you are weed eating as debris could fly up and hit them. 

4 – Do not direct your weed eater towards cars or windows 

Now that you are aware of some safety precautions, lets move on to using your weed eater. 

1 – Hold your weed eater in a comfortable position. Have one hand on the handle and one on the power button so you will be able to turn off quickly if necessary. 

2 – Hold your weed eater slightly turned down, roughly about 1 inch off the ground. Keep your weed eater as level as possible and move it from side to side. Walk forward slowly in the direction the cord spins and make sure just the tip of the cord touches the grass. 

3 – When cutting thick or overgrown vegetation, listen to the engine of your weed eater. If the cord slows down ad sounds muffled, step back and move a bit slower. 

4 – When you approach a fence line or anything similar, your cord is going to touch it as you cut through the grass, this is not ideal but the only option to get the finish you want. This may cause your line to break. Make sure you have some spare cord to replace what gets broken. 

Once you have successfully weedeater your yard, let the machine cool down before storing it away in your garage or garden shed. Hanging the weedeater up on a wall is the preferable way to store a weed eater. 

It is also recommended you service your weed eater every now and then to for maximum use. 

If you are using a gas-powered weed eater, make sure you use the correct gas and oil mix to avoid permanent damage to your equipment. 

If you are still not feeling confident after reading this or are lacking in the time area, give us Lawn Rite a call. We use this equipment daily and are happy to take care of your lawns and gardens, freeing up your time to do the things you love.