Top 10 essential gardening tools for the not so into the garden, Gardeners! - Lawn Rite Lawn Mowing

Gardening – You either love it or hate it. If you are a budding gardener then you will be familiar with all the tools you need to keep your yard in tip-top shape. If you hate it with a passion, then you call your local Lawn Rite team (wink wink) who have the tools and experience so you can sit back and enjoy your spare time. If you are an inbetweener or a beginner and not quite sure where to start with your gardening tools, here is a list of the top 10 equipment you will need for starting out. 

1 – Gloves – Get some gloves, not only do they protect your hand from sharp prods, dirt, and irritation, they will keep you safe from touching any pet gifts they have kindly deposited in your garden for you. Aren’t they sweet? 

2 – Hand trowel – not to be mistaken for a hand towel – A hand towel would be difficult to dig small holes with although useful after washing your gardening hands (which shouldn’t be too bad from wearing your gloves) 

3 – Hand fork – the half-sibling to the hand trowel, same same but different, Same mum, different dads. Great for making a forkin’ mess of those hard to break up lumps of soil for even distribution. 

4 – Shovel – Ah the trusty shovel, not only is a shovel great for digging 6-foot holes in the ground, it’s a great asset to have all around. Digs holes, handy to pick up doggy doo, great for smacking the kid’s balls out of the tree or scaring the neighborhood kids. Every home needs a shovel. 

5 – Wheelbarrow – The handy dandy Wheelbarrow. Ideal for moving a pile of garden waste from one place and dumping it in the corner of your property, which we generally call a compost heap. Not only is a wheelbarrow handy for transporting garden foliage, but also great for removing drunk friends off your property that have passed out in your garden. 

6 – Secateurs – Little hearty sharp scissors that can cut through finger-like branches. Is not recommended you try this on your own fingers. They are commonly used to entice new growth by cutting away dead or aggravated stalks (Warning: cutting one’s finger off will not entice a new one to grow). 

7 -Sheers – Who doesn’t love a good, trimmed bush. When it’s got bits stray twigs flinging out everywhere and just looks disheveled and somewhat like an 80s hairdo, a good dealing to with a pair of sheers will soon have that bush looking neat and tidy. Hey, you can even surprise people and trim it into cute shapes. 

8 – Rake – Great for standing on and hitting yourself in the head, but that’s not all a rake is good for. Those pesky autumn leaves that fall everywhere turning your yard into a cheap slip-in slide, a rake is great for gathering them all together to make a pile the kids can jump in and undo your fantastic gardening work. 

9 – Hose – Where the best tasting water always comes from right? Not only is a hose a handy thirst quencher, it’s also a vital part of your garden to help it thrive. Summer days when the sun is a scorcher, it’s important to keep your plants and grass hydrated, just like you, only with less beer. 

10 -Lawnmower – It speaks for itself, the king of the garden tools, the numero uno piece of equipment. You can get big ones, small ones, electric ones, hand push ones, ride-on ones, and robot ones. Mostly used early on a Sunday morning, much to the disgust of the hungover neighbors and the night shift workers. 

Now you have your list of go-to yard tools and what they are used for (generally speaking), get out there and soak up some Vit D and make your garden a slice of kiwi paradise.