How to Correctly Trim Hedges - Lawn Rite Lawn Mowing

Most hedges will need to be trimmed three or four times annually to maintain a neat, manicured appearance but some prefer to get them done twice per year.

Start cutting near the bottom on the hedge and work your way up toward the top. Move the cutting bar in a slow, steady pace. Allow the cutting action of the blades to do the work. Don’t try to cut too deeply into the hedge on the initial pass; you might lop off too many branches. Instead, make several shallower passes, trimming off just a couple of inches at a time. It’s important to trim the sides of the hedge at an angle, so that it’s wider at the bottom and slightly narrower at the top. That way, sunlight can reach the lower branches, which helps the entire hedge grow green and lush.

To cut the top of the hedge flat, hold the trimmer’s cutting bar perfectly level and slowly guide it left to right, then right to left. Hedge trimmers cut in both directions. Again, only trim off a little at a time.

After completing the first few passes, set the trimmer down on the ground and use your hands or a leaf rake to pull out the severed branches and leaves. Stand back and examine the hedge. If necessary, make a few finishing passes to trim the hedge to its final shape. 

When trimming the top of the hedge Lawn Rite recommends you take extra steps around yours and other safety, Try not to work of ladders, Professionals like Lawn Rite have the right tools to get the jobs done, even those high hedges are no issue for professional but maybe harder for the home owner to reach.

  • Tip: Don’t trim hedges in early spring when birds are nesting.
  • TipTrim hedges in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent the sun from scorching the freshly cut ends of the branches.

In conclusion, be aware that you’ll probably feel a little awkward and tentative the first time you use a hedge trimmer, but don’t get discouraged. Within an hour or so, you’ll become comfortable with the way the trimmer feels in your hands.

Just remember:

Don’t rush, work at a leisurely pace and allow the blades to do the cutting. Before long, you’ll be trimming hedges like a Lawn Rite expert.