5 Jobs around the yard to do in spring - Lawn Rite Lawn Mowing

Spring has sprung in New Zealand and the grass is growing, Regardless if your in the winterless north or Northland or the Deep South of Southland you would have noticed by now the warmer and longer days. This coincides with longer and greener grass growth.

Spring time in New Zealand is a busy time of year, After a long wet winter a lot of people are looking forward to the warmer weather to get a few overdue tasks around the yard done. Here are 5 key jobs that you should do in spring each year.

  1. SPRAY LAWN FOR WEEDS. Spring time is when your grass starts to grow again, it is also the time of the year that the weeds in the lawn start to grow as well, No one likes a lawn full of weeds so early spring time is the best time to spray the lawn with a broadleaf spray to kill the weeds and allow the grass to be the dominate plant growing in the lawn. Knowing when product to use and how to use it is very important so this is best left to the professionals like Lawn Rite.
  2. KILL MOSS IN THE LAWN. Removing the moss from your lawn in shaded sections is a hard job, There are products you can spray in the effected areas that will kill the moss and leave the grass alone to grow and take over the area that was effected by the moss. Most effected products are controlled products so a professional like Lawn Rite is a must, You can buy products from the kiwi care range that do work but will require a couple of treatments a few weeks apart. Once the moss is dead, rake it up and place a light layer of top soil over the area and re seed the area with a shade tolerant grass type.
  3. FERTILISE THE LAWN. Early spring is the time of the year your lawn wakes up and starts to grown, so a light fertilisation will help the grass along, A mild fertiliser is best at this time of year, Lawn Rites favourite fertiliser is 13K from farm source, This is a great general all round fertiliser. Remember the best time to apply fertiliser is just before rain fall. The rain will help soak in the fertiliser for a faster reaction. Also keep in mind the moto, less is more when it comes to the first fertiliser of the year. You don’t want to shock the lawn by putting to much on at once.
  4. TIME FOR AERATION. Over winter the ground has compacted down due to the consistent rain and colder temperatures, so now is the best time to have your lawn aerated. You can either hire your own aerator fro hire pool or Kennard’s Hire or you can get your local Lawn Rite franchise to come and aerate your lawn. Aeration will allow air, nutrients and water to reach deep to the grass roots, this will allow fast and stronger growth and will help protect the grass over the coming dry summer.
  5. START MOWING YOUR LAWN. A lot of people only need to mow your lawns once every 4 weeks over winter but now with the spring growth you will have to mow your lawn more often. The big thing to remember is to mow your lawn at the correct height, Most kiwi lawns have fescue in them as well as other grass types that require them to be cut at or around 4 inches in height. A common issue with kiwi lawns is that you cut them to short and these lawns become susceptible to lawn bugs and disease that can kill or damage your lawn.

Spring time is a busy time of year for kiwi’s and the lawn is one of those things that can get missed and before you know it your lawn is full of weeds and overgrown.

If you need any advise on these jobs to do in spring give your local Lawn Rite franchise a call and they will be happy to give you as much advice as you need.

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