lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance advice from your local Lawn Rite

Mowing your lawn is a key to a thick green lawn, and mowing your lawn at the right height is the common mistake people make, Never cut your lawn very short as you allow the weeds to germinate and have access to sunlight which will make them grow and compete with your lawn.

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis such as weekly will promote thick growth a lot faster than if you only cut the lawn fortnightly.

Below are a few pointers to follow to ensure you have a thick green lawn.

  • Always mow your lawn when it is dry, This will prevent lawn disease.
  • Removal the clippings when mowing to allow great airflow through the lawn.
  • Make sure your mower blades are sharp so they cut the grass and not tear the grass.
  • Don’t apply fertiliser to fresh cut grass, wait 48 hours to apply.
  • Cut your lawn at a height of 45cm to 65cm to promote thick growth.
  • Mow your lawn weekly, fortnight mowing will not promote thick growth.