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Lawn Rite is New Zealand’s premier Commercial Lawn Mowing, Weed Control, and Fertilization Franchise

Our network services both residential and commercial lawns. For our commercial lawn mowing clients, Lawn Rite will implement a lawn mowing schedule to keep your lawns looking neat and tidy all year round, for clients wanting there lawn to look like a golf course Lawn Rite will throughout the year one of our expert staff will visit your property every 8 weeks and will turn your weedy bare yard into a lush green lawn and golf course would be proud to have.

Lawn Rite can install a new instant lawn or hydra seed your new lawn for you and maintain the lush green lawn your neighbors will be jealous of.

Lawn Maintenance Package – From $38 Per Month

Lawn Rite lawn maintenance package consists of 6 treatments per year, A Lawn Rite Technician will visit your property every 8 weeks and will complete a range of treatments on your lawn to kill broadleaf weeds in your lawn, Fertilize the lawn, treat for insects like black beetle and spray pre-emergent weed treatment to stop new weeds from even emerging from the soil. This is a hassle-free service.

Commercial Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Packages

Lawn Rite can tailor design a lawn maintenance package regardless how big your lawn is, We specialist in the maintenance of large commercial lawn, Regardless if you’re a body corporate, facility’s manager, school or rest home Lawn Rite can have your lawns looking just as good as any gold course in New Zealand.

Lawn Edging

Ask your local Lawn Rite technician about our edging service, We at Lawn Rite can get your edges looking very sharp and crisp. The fastest way to let your lawn looking shabby is by not having them edged.