free lawn inspection

Lawn Rite offers Free Lawn Inspections

We can inspect the condition of your lawn and give you our recommendations on any issues we find and how Lawn Rite can remedy them for you. We will inspect not just the lawn it self but also the soil condition and any drainage issue you may have.
We will be able to supply you with a detailed service plan which will outline which treatments you will receive and  what issue in your lawn they will target to fix. You also have the option to ask our advise and complete the work yourself.

At the time of your free lawn inspection the Lawn Rite technician will identify the weeds currently in your lawn and will identify the dominant grass types you have in your lawn and will advise on which grass type is best suited for your lawn while taking into account the environmental conditions your lawn is growing in and the type of use your lawn receives on a daily basis.

To book your free lawn inspection please call 0800101216

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